10 Children books death care professionals should have on hand

Whether you see a heartbroken child or have a parent tell you about their struggle to explain the loss to their young ones, having literature that can help on hand, is a beautiful way to assist your patrons in need. It is a part of the next level service offering that funeral homes want to provide. Find 10 beautiful suggestions with varying approaches to the topic, appropriate for younger children listed below: 

1. The Next Place

A poetic idea of how the freedom of the spirit after passing. With nature imagery and beautiful wording to ease the mind about the next place. 

2. My Yellow Balloon

A beautiful story which highlights dealing with loss through a story about a boy who loses a balloon that slips off his wrist. 

3. Cry Heart but don’t break

In a more direct story about death four4 brothers and sisters try to trick death into not taking their grandmother and in the process learn that death is a part of life and that it’s okay to be sad. It also teaches us to appreciate the happy times.

4. The Duck Death and the tulip

A tender yet straight forward story about a duck who originally fears death but becomes friends and enjoys a beautiful friendship. Eventually coming to peace to will her own final passing. 

5. The Invisible String

Showcasing that love has no boundaries or limits. 

6. Always and Forever

A group of furry friends lose their friend and don’tdon know what to do. Then through happy memories they realizse that even when someone is gone it doesn’t mean they don’tdon ́t live on in our happy memories.

7. The immortal Jellyfish

After a boy loses his grandfather he enters into a dream land where the immortal jellyfish teaches him about reincarnation and the circle of life. Full of beautiful illustrations and imagery.

8. Missing Mommy

A very simple book that is easy for young children who have lost a parent need help grasp their new situation. Especially useful to help children who may not yet understand ask questions.

9. Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs

This sweet tale invites you into the life of a young boy who grows up with a close relationship with his grandparents and great grandmother. Its touching to see the cross generational relationship they have and after she passes away a beautiful shooting star reminds him of a kiss from his sweet great grandma, who he misses, making him a little less sad. When the boy grows up his grandma passes too, and there again is the star that reminds him that his nana´s are always with him.  

10. My Superhero Grandpa

A story about a grandpa who might not be with the family anymore, but is always watching over them and taking care of them like a superhero. Nice not only for children who have lost a grandparent, but for children who never got to know their grandparents.   

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