End of life staff create a comfort box to help grieving families


UK end of life staff epitomize the big hearts of death care professionals. Going above and beyond to make an effort to comfort and provide convenience for grieving families.

Laurel Lodge provides residential care for up to 32 residents aged 65 and over. While it is not a daily environment, the home manager Danielle continued to strive for more ways to provide comfort to families of the residence who come during the difficult parts of end of life care. 

Mrs. Bullent told the Eastern Daily Press that: “End of life care is very upsetting and is sad for everyone involved. We give them the best care we can and that’s for anyone, the resident and the relatives as well.” 

However, there is a difficult balance between helping families and giving them their space. Bullent says; “I felt as if we were invading every 30 minutes, asking; can I get you a drink? Something to eat?”

Lighbulb moment

Then on Christmas Eve she had a “light bulb moment” thinking that they should create care packages for the families who are visiting. ¨[Relatives] do not always remember a toothbrush, or pick up a hairbrush. They do not want to eat when we are offering them a drink because they do not want to add pressure on the staff¨.

Anyone needing items can go to the box and pick out what they need to use. The home will then replenish the items. The box contains Werther’s Originals, tea, blankets, films, activities, snacks, drinks and hygiene products. 

Positive Feedback

The home is part of the Black Swan group, which said it has had an “overwhelmingly positive response” and could roll the idea out across its other homes. A Lodge spokesman said: “When your loved one is on end of life care, it can be a lot to deal with emotionally, and having the support of your relatives’ carers is something we strive for.

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