First US state officially bans funerals and memorial services 


Washington State Officials want it to be clear that funerals are considered “social gatherings” and are officially closed until the lockdown is lifted. Making it the first state in the US to officially ban services.

Washington continues to have the highest coronavirus death rate with 95 deaths and 1,996 confirmed cases as of March 22. 

To continue the state efforts to decrease the spread of the virus the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) wants it to be clear that funerals are included in the prohibition and released a public statement about it last Thursday. The DOL also stated that cemeteries should restrict interment services to “delivery only.”

This will not only take a toll on grieving families, but also those with strong religious beliefs who are now forced to forgo traditional religious rights.  A struggle both Italy and Iran are now also dealing with due to their own bans.

While it was surely not an easy decision for DOL to make funeral services serve as a hotbed for the disease to spread, with tight embraces, tears, and tissues making an ideal environment for spreading.

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