How you can help death care charities this Black Friday

As the holiday season is nearing, and we begin to plan our gifts for loved ones, there is one way we can spread the joy and dollars we ́re spending a little bit further. If your planning on shopping for black friday or cyber monday deals on Amazon this holiday season, be sure to use the charity donation platform AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile looks and acts exactly the same as your normal amazon, with no differentiation in selection available or price. The only difference is that when you use AmazonSmile the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. If you want to take it a step further some charities also have wish lists where you can send the organization direct items they need based on lists they have put together. 

So whether you want to support education for death care professionals, hospices, promote death positivity to the public, or help families who have funeral financial needs. There are thousands of causes with good intentions, so be sure to make your Black Friday and general holiday spending go a little further by selecting your purchases from AmazonSmile.

AmazonSmile death care charities

Charities that educate the public about death

Journey Care & Legacy Inc

Location: Gaithersburg, MD | Year Founded: 2016
To raise consciousness about death and dying, provide an array of support and services for end of life planning.
Categories: Public, Society Benefit – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.
Programs: Green Burial Cemetery and Memorial Garden, Children’s Hospice Facility, Education, Provide Grants to Educational Institutions

Doorway Into Light

Location: Haiku, HI
Provides services, charitable gifts, and education to individuals, families, and community in all aspects of end-of-life and after-death care.
Categories: Religion Related, Spiritual Development N.E.C.

Its My Death

Location: Wiscasset, ME | Year Founded: 2014
It’s My Death, Inc. (IMD) is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization providing services and education to people who wish to actively explore the meaning of life through embracing the certainty of death. We serve the State of Maine.
Categories: Public, Society Benefit – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.
Programs: Individual Services, Community Education
Regions Served: Local

Natural Transitions Funeral Guidance

Location: Boulder, CO
Educate On Home Funerals
Categories: Personal Social Services

Funeral Consumers Alliance Inc

Location: Soburlington, VT
Education about funeral rights and options
Categories: Cemeteries and Burial Services

National Home Funeral Alliance

Location: Everett, WA
The mission of the NHFA is to preserve the innate rights of families and communities to care for their own dead in a personal, respectful, and environmentally sound manner. It does so by creating and sustaining a network of ethical, responsible and knowledgeable Home Funeral Guides whose primary focus is to educate and empower family members to shape and direct the after death care of their loved one as supported by state law. The NHFA recommends standards of practice that inform its members.
Categories: Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
Programs: National Home Funeral Alliance

National Museum of Funeral History

Location: Houston, TX
The Purpose Of The National Museum Of Funeral History (The “museum”) Is To Educate And Inform The General Public On The Funeral Service Industry And Its History. Through The Museum’s Permanent Archives That Document And Chronicle The Evolution Of The Funeral Service Profession, And Through Its Collections Of Artifacts And Historical Data, Exhibits, Dioramas, And Programs, The Museum Serves As An Education And Information Center.
Categories: Museum & Museum Activities

People’s Memorial Education Fund

Location: Seattle, WA | Year Founded: 2006
Envisions a world where everyone has information about and access to funeral arrangements that reflect their values and resources.
Categories: Consumer Protection and Safety
Programs: Indigent Cremation Fund, “Got Your Ducks in a Row? workshop, Biennial Funeral Price Survey

Final Passages

Location: Sebastopol, CA|
Final Passages is a model project offering education for personal and legal rights concerning home or family-directed funerals and final disposition (burial and cremation). It is our intention to re-introduce the concept of funerals in the home as a part of family life and as a way to deinstitutionalize death. We are dedicated to a dignified and compassionate alternative to current funeral practices.
Categories: Educational Services and Schools – Other

Funeral industry education

Indiana Funeral Education Foundation Inc

Location: Indianapolis, IN
The Foundation’s Mission And Purpose Is First, To Preserve And Document The History Of The Funeral Service Industry, Second, To Support Current Funeral Service Practitioners To Better Serve Their Communities, And Finally, To Ensure The Secure Future Of The Profession By Helping Recruit And Train Those Wanting A Career In Funeral Service.
Categories: Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards

Location: Fayetteville, AR
Administer National Examination To Candidates In Order For Them To Become Licensed Morticians.
Categories: Cemeteries and Burial Services

Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service

Location: Houston, TX
The Purpose Of The Commonwealth Institute Of Funeral Service (“the Institute”), As An Educational Establishment, Is To Provide Each Student With The Opportunity To Develop The Academic Knowledge And Technical Skills Necessary To Achieve Competence In The Funeral Service Industry; To Place Emphasis On Not Only The Subject Matter, But On Its Application In The Workplace.
Categories: Higher Education Institutions

American Board of Funeral Service Education Inc

Location: Woodbury Hts, NJ
The American Board Of Funeral Service Education Is Organized For Educational Purposes In The Interests Of The Public And Of The Funeral Service Profession. Its Purpose Is To Cooperate With All Groups And Agencies Having An Interest In Advancement Of The Principles And Standards Of Funeral Service Education And To Ensure Funeral Service/Mortuary Science Education Is Of High Quality And Meets The Needs Of Society.
Categories: Professional Societies, Associations

Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice

Location: Buchanan, GA
To Promote Continuing Professional Education Among Funeral Service Practitioners And Provide A Program For Funeral Service Practitioners Which Will Increase Their Competence And Proficiency In Serving The Public.
Categories: Employment Training

New Jersey Funeral Service Education Corporation

Location: Manasquan, NJ
Community, Public And Allied Professional Outreach Related To Dying, Death, Suicide, Grief And Funerals, And The Provision Of Mortuary School Scholarships.
Categories: Education N.E.C.

Death care legislation non-profit

Death with Dignity National Center

Location: Portland, OR | Year Founded: 1994
The mission of the Death with Dignity National Center is to promote Death with Dignity laws based on our model legislation, the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, both to provide an option for dying individuals and to stimulate nationwide improvements in end-of-life care.
Categories: Education N.E.C.
Programs: Public Education, Communications, Dignity50, formerly Oregon Plus One
Regions Served: Throughout the United States

Hospice and Palliative care

This may be the most popular death care category for charities and here we have only listed a few, but you can easily find one in your neighborhood.

Toni And Trish House For The Care Of The Terminally Ill

Location: Auburn, MI | Year Founded: 2007
At Toni and Trish no one dies alone. We collaborate in the community to provide the absolute best in individualized and compassionate end of life care to all who need it.Care for the Terminally Ill in a safe environment
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Diversion Community Garden

Hospice Of Yuma

Location: Yuma, AZ | Year Founded: 1982
Hospice of Yuma provides compassionate care through a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers to individuals and their families who deal with chronic and terminal illness, while advancing palliative care and community awareness that death and grief are a natural part of life.
Categories: Home Health Care (includes Visiting Nurse Associations)
Programs: Community Bereavement Services, Hospice Care
Regions Served: Local

Hospice Care in the Berkshires Inc

Location: Pittsfield, MA
HospiceCare is devoted to the concept that at the end of life every individual deseves compassion, respect, dignity and freedom from distressing symptoms. Its mission is to promote quality of life for the individual as well as support the loved ones before and after a patient’s death.
Categories: Hospice

Hospice Of Mcalester Oklahoma Inc

Location: Mcalester, OK | Year Founded: 1990
Provide end of life care for terminally ill patients and emotional support and counseling for the loved ones impending death, up to 13 months after the loved ones passing.
Categories: Home Health Care (includes Visiting Nurse Associations)
Programs: Hospice Care
Regions Served: Local

Lumina Hospice And Palliative Care

Location: Corvallis, OR | Year Founded: 1979
Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care, a community grown nonprofit, provides compassionate care and support for individuals, families and caregivers facing serious illness or end-of-life.
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Hospice Care, Transitions, Caregiver Support, Palliative Care Case Mamangement, Palliative Care Conusults, Grief Support

Care Dimensions

Location: Danvers, MA | Year Founded: 1978
Care Dimensions enriches quality of life for those affected by life-limiting illness, death and loss by providing exceptional care, support, education and consultation.
Categories: Home Health Care (includes Visiting Nurse Associations)
Programs: Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice Care Plus Inc

Location: Berea, KY | Year Founded: 1982
Hospice Care Plus empowers those we serve to live the highest quality of life, respecting their values, beliefs, needs, and goals through specialized care, education, resources, and grief support.
Categories: Home Health Care (includes Visiting Nurse Associations)
Programs: Home Hospice Care, Inpatient facility: Compassionate Care Center, Bereavement Care, Palliative Care
Regions Served: Kentucky

Collabria Care – Collabria Hospice

Location: Napa, CA | Year Founded: 1979
We are committed to providing exceptional professional health care, expert resources and compassionate support to individuals and their families experiencing the transitions of aging, learning to live with a chronic illness or facing the end of life.
Categories: Human Services – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.
Programs: Collabria Hospice, Collabria Day Program, Transitions: A Palliative Care Program
Regions Served: Local

Hospicare & Palliative Care Services

Location: Ithaca, NY | Year Founded: 1984
To bring medical expertise and compassionate ,respectful care to people and their loved ones at any stage of a life-threatening illness, to provide bereavement support services and to bring information about advanced illness, dying and bereavement to the entire community.
Categories: Community Health Systems
Programs: Personal Attention to Health (PATH), Hospice Services, Bereavement Services, Spiritual Care, Integrative medicine, Community Memorial Events, Volunteer Services

Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care

Location: Mount Prospect, IL | Year Founded: 1981
Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care empowers people to live with dignity and hope while coping with illness, loss and the end of life.
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Hospice Care

Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care

Location: Land O’Lakes, FL | Year Founded: 1988
Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care provides individualized, compassionate and comfort care to those living with chronic or life-limiting illness. Our team of interdisciplinary experts help patients and families live life to its fullest. Gulfside Hospice is licensed by the state of Florida, is both Medicare and Medicaid certified and is a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association (FHPCA). Gulfside Hospice &…
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Patient Care, Bereavement
Regions Served: Local

Family Hospice and Palliative Care

Location: Mt. Lebanon, PA | Year Founded: 1982
The mission of Family Hospice and Palliative Care is to provide compassionate, quality comfort care that enhances the lives of people with life-limiting illness and their families.
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Compassionate Caregiver Training, Inpatient Care, Free Care, Camp Healing Hearts for Children
Regions Served: PA – Allegheny, PA – Beaver, PA – Butler, PA – City of Pittsburgh, PA – Fayette, PA- Washington, PA -Westmoreland

Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care

Location: North Saint Paul, MN | Year Founded: 1980
Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care’s mission is to promote quality of life in our communities through advance care planning, palliative care and hospice. Our vision is that all individuals, families and providers will understand the value and have access to advance care planning, palliative care and hospice.
Categories: Alliance/Advocacy Organizations
Regions Served: Local

Abode Contemplative Care for the Dying

Location: San Antonio, TX | Year Founded: 2011
Our guests are recommended by hospice agencies. We support and supplement the care provided for dying persons by their loved ones and hospice. In our home, well-trained volunteers give shelter, meals and personal care to our guests. We are also a community education center that honors death and dying as a natural rhythm of life.
Categories: Other Housing, Shelter N.E.C.

Hospice And Palliative Care Foundation

Location: Drayton, SC | Year Founded: 2001
The mission of the Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation (HPCF) is to discover and address the unmet needs of individuals and families facing end-of-life issues through innovative and collaborative programs and services, and includes financial, educational, technological, and grief support. HPCF has served hundreds of families in every county of South Carolina through its financial assistance programs, providing over $150,000 in aid, and has provided over 1,200 children and their adult family…
Categories: Human Service Organizations
Programs: Camp Hands Of Hope, Need & Assistance Fund, Pediatric Care Program, Hospice and Palliative Care Education Program, Technology for Hope, Research for Hope
Regions Served: Local

High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care Inc

Location: Saranac Lake, NY | Year Founded: 1988
High Peaks Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. provides end of life care that listens with respect, cares with compassion, supports with choice and comforts with understanding wherever you call home.
Categories: Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines N.E.C.
Programs: Volunteer Program, Community and Professional Outreach, Rainbows For All Children
Regions Served: Local

Hospice Palliative Care Alliance of China Foundation

Location: Norristown, PA | Year Founded: 2017
Mission We advocate and promote hospice and palliative care in communities where the awareness and acceptance about hospice palliative care is still lacking, in areas where it is underdeveloped and the population is underserved, with a goal of furthering the availability and quality of hospice palliative care.
Categories: Philanthropy / Charity / Voluntarism Promotion (General)
Programs: Raise Awareness and Understanding on Hospice Palliative Care in Chinese Communities, Support Education and Training
Regions Served: National, International, Local

Center for Hospice Care Southeast Connecticut

Location: Norwich, CT | Year Founded: 1985
Looking at death in a different light. Pain and difficulty may be part of the end of life, but they do not need to define it entirely. We believe that in the passing of a person’s life, there are also extraordinary opportunities for compassion, reconciliation, spiritual healing, and renewal. This is why our mission is focused on allowing patients and loved ones to find the support and resources they need to live life meaningfully and fully for as long as it lasts. The phrase “a good death” is…
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Live Alone Program, Coming to the Senses, Expressive Arts Program, Life Review Program, Pet Therapy, Sentimental Journeys, We Honor Veterans, Community Bereavement, Veteran Pinning’s
Regions Served: Local

Hope Hospice and Palliative Care Inc

Location: Medford, WI
To Provide Hospice Care For Persons At The End Of Life So That They May Live As Fully And Comfortably As Possible And To Offer Continuing Support To The Bereaved.
Categories: Hospice

Death Care financial assistance charities

Family Funeral Alliance Inc

Location: Miami, FL | Year Founded: 2016
Addressing Funeral Poverty and Fair Funerals Family Funeral Alliance, INC. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, designed to assist families and work within their budget to create meaningful ceremonies. With stories, beliefs and values as inspiration – personalization and individualized services will truly reflect and honor the deceased. We advocate for family-led services and Eco-friendly services. ?Family Funeral Alliance and Planting Legacies will take referrals from South Florida and applications from…
Categories: Human Service Organizations
Programs: One Stitch @ A Time, Funeral Emergency Fund Program, Eating Grief Away
Regions Served: Local

Children’s Funeral Foundation of Florida

Location: Goldenrod, FL
To relieve families in need of the financial burden caused by the loss of a child under age 21 by assisting with funeral expenses and moral support.
Categories: Human Service Organizations

Capital Caring

Location: Falls Church, VA | Year Founded: 1977
Our mission is to improve care for those facing life-limiting illness through direct support of patients and their families, public education and advocacy. Our Vision is to be recognized as a Center of Excellence in providing and catalyzing world-class advanced illness care.
Categories: Hospice
Programs: Palliative Care, Hospice Caring for the Whole Person, Bereavement Support – Point of Hope Counseling, Point of Hope Children’s Bereavement Camps and Caring Circles Support Groups

Jordyne Cares

Location: Chicago, IL | Year Founded: 2009
Jordyne Cares is committed to help families pay funeral costs after the death of a sick child.
Categories: Patient Services – Entertainment, Recreation
Regions Served: Local

John William Hale Foundation

Location: Nashville, TN
To Provide Temporary Financial Assistance To Individuals And Families Who Suffer Financial Hardship Due To Natural Disasters, Acts Of God, Illness, Injury, And Death.
Categories: Other Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Relief N.E.C.

AL Taqwa Masjid and Funeral Service Foundation

Location: Saint Louis, MO
To Assist In Funeral Expenses
Categories: Islamic

Dir Biyaber Ethiopian Funeral Service

Location: Los Angeles, CA
The Organization Provide Financial Assistance To Families That Need Assistance With Funeral Expenses When The Death Of A Loved One Occurs.
Categories: Family Services

Pur International Inc

Location: Williston, ND
Pur International Provides Immediate Financial, Emotional And Physical Support To People (Orphans And Widows) Who Are Dealing With Traumatic Death Situations Due To The Loss Of A Spouse Or Parents. We Have Operations Going On In The Us, Uganda And Costa Rica.
Categories: Single Organization Support

Funerals for Vets, Inc.

Location: Kearns, UT | Year Founded: 2014
Funerals for Vets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, founded by a disabled Veteran concerned about other Veterans whose families may find themselves unable to afford the costs of a proper funeral. Built by veterans for veterans, Funerals for Vets will provide funds to families of veterans, as well as funds for funerals of homeless veterans and veterans without families. Funerals for Vets supports those who have served our country in the military and who deserve a proper burial. 

Categories: Military/Veterans’ Organizations
Programs: Funerals For Vets
Regions Served: Local

Celestial Love Foundation Inc

Location: New York, NY
Assist Families Who Lack Resources To Pay For Funeral Expenses For Family Members: And For Those Who Passed Away Without Relatives Or Friends To Incur The Costs Of Their Funeral.
Categories: Human Service Organizations

Memorial Rifle Squad State Veterans Cemetery-Preston

Location: Preston, MN
To Perpetuate The Memory Of Our Military Service Persons By Providing Military Ritualistic Honors At Funerals Held At The Minnesota State Veterans
Categories: Cemeteries and Burial Services

Forever With Us

Location: Laguna Beach, CA | Year Founded: 2017
The Forever with Us Foundation aids families who have recently lost a child to cancer, by providing the funds for an honorable funeral, until no more children are taken from this disease.The Forever with Us Foundation was created to care for the families who have recently lost a child to cancer, and do not have the funds to provide their child with an honorable funeral. This Foundation will contribute to the funeral costs in order to take away some of the stress the families feel during this.
Categories: Corporate Foundations
Programs: Funeral Expense Funding at Southern California Children’s Hospitals
Regions Served: North Orange County, Central Orange County, West Orange County, South Orange County

Aubrielle’s Hope

Location: Nashua, NH | Year Founded: 2016
Aubrielle’s Hope provides financial aid to families for funerals, burials and/or cremations for children who pass away five years old and younger. We service NH families in one of their greatest times of need.
Categories: Human Services – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.
Programs: Financial Aid for Funerals, Cremations and Burials for infants
Regions Served: Local

Unforgettables Foundation

Location: Redlands, CA | Year Founded: 2000
The Unforgettables Foundation is a unique cause designed to fill a gap in the social support network for at risk and financially challenged families struggling to fund a funeral for their child.
Categories: Human Services – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.

Alicia Renee’ Foundation

Location: Las Vegas, NV | Year Founded: 2013
Alicia Renee’ Foundation offers financial assistance to grieving parents in need who have experienced the loss of a newborn through stillbirth or neonatal death and cannot afford the cremation or burial. We assist the parents financially with the cost of cremation or burial service. We also give the family a keepsake box of items for the family to cherish forever. The loss of a child is tragic enough, but when compounded with no means of providing a burial or cremation it becomes a crisis…
Categories: Personal Social Services
Programs: Financial Assistance for Parents
Regions Served: National

Dealing with grief charities

Seasons the Center of Caring

Location: Metairie, LA
Seasons is New Orleans’ first and only non-profit grief center, offering specialized bereavement counseling and psychotherapy to children and coping with the loss of a significant loved one.Recognizing the onus of being the sole Grief Center in the region, our intent is to increase the community’s awareness of our services through education and training of the needs of grieving children and families. We also to serve as a resource center for information and referral of grief-related services in.
Categories: Hospice

Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance

Location: Castle Rock, CO
PLIDA supports health care practitioners and parent advocates in their efforts to improve care for families who experience the death of a baby during pregnancy, birth or infancy
Categories: Birth Defects

Lifes Bridges Hawaii Inc

Location: Lihue, HI
To Provide Compassionate Bereavement Care Enabling Mourners To Lead Productive Lives Following The Death Of Loved Ones.
Categories: Hospice

Judi’s House

Location: Denver, CO | Year Founded: 2001
Our mission is to help children and families grieving a death find connection and healing.
Categories: Children’s and Youth Services
Programs: Pathfinders, Connections, Individual And Family Services, School and Community-Based Services
Regions Served: Local

Willow House

Location: Bannockburn, IL | Year Founded: 1999
Willow House’s mission is to develop and provide supportive services for children, teens, young adults and families who are coping with grief and the death of a loved one, as well as to support schools and communities coping with grief and death.
Categories: Counseling Support Groups
Programs: Grief Support Groups, School Outreach Program, Outreach and Education
Regions Served: Local

Angel Eyes

Location: Denver, CO | Year Founded: 1981
Angel Eyes is a Colorado non-profit organization offering free professional grief support to families who have been impacted by pregnancy loss or the unexpected death of an infant
Categories: Human Service Organizations
Programs: Grief Counseling and Support, Education and Awareness, Child Centered Play Counseling

Death care pet charities

Perpetual Care Inc

Location: Ocala, FL | Year Founded: 2002
Perpetual Care provides education and assistance to pet owners with life care planning for their pets in case they are no longer able to care for them due to death or disability. Perpetual Care is also a Life Care Center which serves to either rehome orphaned pets or provide a loving home for them at the center if they are not able to be rehomed. The purpose of the Perpetual Care mission is to give pet owners the comfort of knowing their pets will be cared for and to ensure that family pets…
Categories: Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs)
Programs: Education, Life Care Center Residence, Rescue and Re-homing
Regions Served: National

Friends of Second Chance Shelter

Location: Jamesville, NY
Saving dogs from death row and giving them along with the inmates that care for them a second chance.
Categories: Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs)

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