Muslim cemetery in India waives all fees for COVID-19 Victims


This week The Mahim Kabrastan Trust from Mumbai announced that they will be offering free burials for COVID-19 deceased Muslims.  

The Mahim Kabrastan is one of the 15 cemeteries in Mumbai which will be taking bodies of those who passed from COVID-19. The burial process will abide by the World Health Organization (WHO) safety protocols. Using the utmost precaution to protect the death care workers and the community. Including an addition of a coffin to the Muslim burial ceremony.

Muslim funerals generally have the body of the deceased wrapped in a shroud and laid directly into the grave, however as a safety precaution, a coffin is being provided for the Muslims who passed from COV-19. 

The Mahim Kabrastan cemetery has plots available for up to 50 victims. To date, they have been able to already serve nine families since the announcement. Suhail Khandvani, the trust’s chairman said; “During such distressing times, serving mankind is the most important aspect.” 

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