You are what you Google?

It sounds basic but have you Googled your company recently? How you appear on the first page of Google can greatly affect your business. The top five listings in Google’s search results receive about two-thirds of all clicks and beyond the first page views are minimal to none.

In an industry where the competition is fierce it’s important to manage your online reputation and utilize the web to lead customers to your products.

 4 tried and true tips to help improve google ranking

Have a great website

It’s not uncommon for some death care businesses such as hospices and funeral homes to not have their own websites. This strategy can create fear from consumers who can´t see any details about your facility or services as well as decrease your findability on Google. It may seem difficult to set up a website if there aren’t tech skills internally at the office. However, there are enough platforms that can help even the tech inept create websites for free or at a fraction of the costs of a developer, such as WIX or WordPress. 

Other things that make a website great is making sure that all the relevant information a client would need is readily available. Create more viability on the site with some basic pages about how the company started, listing the offerings, and pricing.  Then really develop the site by creating more readable content that can help your clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing more relevant pages on your site isn´t just a customer resource though, it’s also great for your SEO. Those pages help Google to realise what you offer as a brand and try to connect you to the right searches. Meaning the more insights the more your site will improve in your Google search rankings. Make sure to also be utilising the most relevant words in your text by using Google’s keyword search.

It’s also important to show google that your site is relevant for your topics by having it being tagged on other sites as a reference, which is called backlinking. This can be done by creating PR about your brand or even creating paid content partnerships with influencers or publishers.

Claim accounts

Claiming accounts for your brand around the web is not only free, but crucial for optimal brand management. Even if you are not planning on using the platform as a medium you also don’t want others with potentially non-aligning views to step up and publish with your naming.  

Claiming and filling in the profiles for accounts on social, Google Business, industry sites, or price comparisons sites allow you to also get closer to owning the entire page on Google, as those links improve your site’s ranking as well use their own ranking to take up extra spaces, which should all ideally all lead back to you.  

Be sure to listen online

While being online is great it’s also important to be on top of the news around your company.  In today’s society it’s important to respond to feedback as soon as possible. Be sure to listen in on what is happening with your brand via alerts on sites like Google Trends or Talk Walker

Any death care business has the potential to improve their Google ranking. Even a few basic steps can help generate more inquiries connecting you with the desired audience. 

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